Via the Steam Community:

This build is a candidate for a full release and will likely roll out to everyone in the next few days.

If you encounter issues with this update, please post in the SteamVR Bug Report forum. If possible, please include a system report to aid in tracking down your issue.


  • Fixed multiple desktop dashboard tabs appearing in the wrong order.
  • Fix standalone apps (not running from any store/launcher) not showing up in per-application video and controller settings.
  • Fix per-app video resolution preview showing the wrong numbers when global render resolution was set to “auto” but the user had previously chosen a custom value. (This does not affect actual game resolution, only the display in the settings).
  • Fixed “Manage Vive Trackers” modal not automatically detecting disconnects.
  • Added Bluetooth & Basestation power management to Status Window -> Basestation -> right-click context menus
  • Fixed an audio-related crash

SteamVR Home:

  • Fixed missing gradient fog

SteamVR Input:

  • Fixed issue that caused the dashboard to show itself again immediately after dismissing it with the face mouse. Bug report
  • Fixed extra haptic pulses whenever deflecting the Windows Mixed Reality thumbstick. Bug report
  • Fixed controller binding UI not working in browser. Bug report

SteamVR Dashboard:

  • Fixed the enter key on the in-headset keyboard not working in the desktop overlay on certain applications. Bug Report here
  • Fixed dashboard tabs reordering themselves when using the physical mouse in the desktop overlay.